Sl. Title Date Action
1 COVID-19 survey report Oct 12, 2021 Download
2 Bangladesh Investment Handbook Oct 12, 2021 Download
3 Construction Material Industry Oct 12, 2021 Download
4 If required, where does detail information is available to invest in Bangladesh? Oct 12, 2021 Download
5 Is it necessary to amend work permit for any changes in the employment agreement? What’s the procedure to amend or cancel work permit? Oct 11, 2021 Download
6 What are the contents of the Labor Act of Bangladesh? Oct 11, 2021 Download
7 Is there any restriction to employ foreign workers in any investment project and commercial office? Can these ratios be changed? Oct 11, 2021 Download
8 How long does it take to obtain the work permit, once all the required documents are submitted? Oct 11, 2021 Download
9 Does foreign employees need to notify BIDA when they start working for a new or another employer in Bangladesh? Oct 11, 2021 Download
10 Can foreign employees obtain the work permit and VISA from any other institutes in addition to BIDA? Oct 11, 2021 Download